Fire Eating and Fleshing

Presented by Paul Dunkirk-Greenbaum.

Instinctively, a normal human response to fire is the fear of getting burned. Fire Eating and Fleshing is the perfect introduction to the fire performance arts, and an incredible way for more experienced performers to further enhance their ability to feel comfortable with fire. Through experiencing the feeling of fire on your body, you will further build your relationship with the flame by learning your tolerance and boundaries with contact fire. In this workshop we will be learning a variety of fire-eating techniques/moves. We will explore the various ways to fire flesh (dragging fire across your skin) and fire transfers (dragging a line of fuel across your skin and then igniting it to create a trail of fire). As people are feeling more comfortable with the fire we will learn more advanced tricks. Towards the end of the workshop, when people are feeling more confident about fire eating and fire fleshing, we will explore working together with the techniques we learned. You will need your own set of fire eating torches. (Hopefully we can pull off the sexy, yet difficult, tongue fire transfer! Ow ow!)

















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