Honoring the Magus: A Ritual to Dr. John Montanee, Drum Loa

Presented by Louis Martinie.

An altar to Dr. John Montanee will be constructed and those attending will be invited to leave gifts. Dust and waters from the Doctor's gravesite will be combined with his signatures and documents from his life and used to invite this grand loa to enter and head, heart, and hands of the drummers and their drums heads. This ritual is meant to offer honor and respect to the good Doctor; to invite him to rejoin the community of living drummers...not to ask anything of him. It is a celebration of Dr. John's transition from "patron of ritual drummers (New Orleans Voodoo Tarot; Martinie and Glassman, 1992)" to drum loa. Attendance at an earlier session is helpful in the performance of this ritual though not necessary. Please bring any percussion instruments you may have. Dancers are very welcome.

















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