Play Every Day! Part 2: Dance, and Sacred Flow (Intermediate)

Presented by Yaw Fren.

Flow wand, by nature, is a prop that inspires dance and movement. We will be covering how to move your arms, feet, and body, and how to utilize the surrounding space of your floor plane. As with hooping, there are many opportunities to visualize circles inside circles of the flower of life, moving with spirals for visual effect, and to utilize sacred geometry in your dance space. By practicing the moves you want to perform, breakthroughs occur. When we are not afraid to make mistakes and leave our comfort zone, we free ourselves to learn much more. This workshop will be an experience of flow and radical movement rather than a step by step explanation of spinning tricks. While the focus will remain on flow wands, these concepts can be applied with other flow props; so don't be afraid to bring your poi, hoop, staff, clubs, etc. The "Basics" workshop is not a required prerequisite, but is highly recommended.

A limited number of hand-made flow wands will be provided for use during these workshops; first come first served. Burning Passion will have Flowtoys flow wands for sale at the festival: You can also purchase flow wands ahead of time at: After the workshop there will be time and space available for open dance and exploration. Bring a snack to keep your strength and hydrate well. During this play time there will also be an opportunity to discuss tips and tricks for working with a longer string, switching hands during transitions, working with rhythm, recovering from unintended wand spins, playing with intended wand spins, groundwork and learning from each other. Flow wands, also known as levitation sticks, are still pretty new to the flow and fire communities so there are many opportunities to make stuff up and share.

















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