Polyamory and the Politics of Marriage and Parenthood

Presented by Kirk Andrew Everist.

Poly people have explored and invented imaginative new configurations for families embracing multiple generations as well as multiple intimacies. What role does marriage play in polyamorous life? Can a married couple be polyamorous in theory but not in practice? A recent Federal Court ruling declared that "marriage" is a word with specific and special significance that cannot be denied to same-sex couples. What about family groups? What role does polyamory play in the ongoing renegotiation of the meaning of the word "marriage"? Can staying in the background help the cause of same-sex marriages? If same-sex couples win the right to marry in the U.S., will legal recognition for polyamory become possible, or will it have to wait? This workshop is not for providing legal advice, but to discuss how polyamorous communities relate to the concept of marriage, and consider what kinds of political action and imagination might be available for polyamorous people.

















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