Seeking 1 Million Pagan Friends

Presented by Ed Hubbard.

Join us as we look at the Social World of the Internet and its impact on the Pagan Community. As the Social Web, which includes Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, has swept the globe over the last decade, change has come to the community on all levels, from local to international. This has helped create a vibrant community, with more knowledge, connections, and communication than at any point in history. Yet hold on tight, the changes are just beginning and opportunity abounds in finding friends, connections, and resources. Ed will provide you with an understanding of how to use the social web to build your own networks and create connections, and offer you different ways to find friends, develop audiences, finance projects, and build your business. Don't miss out on this fascinating look into the realm of social media and how it can not only change the way people look at you, but can also change the world.

















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