Starting Your Own Small Business

Presented by Steve Traina.

It's fun to not have a boss! Being self-employed lets you do things like attend festivals without groveling or losing your job, or owing favors or being thought of as a selfish non-team person.

The point of the workshop is to illustrate how easy and secure it can be to be your own boss, what the pitfalls are, and what the rewards can be working for yourself instead of for the man (or woman!). Ultimately, the goal is to create an income source that is independent of other people's intrusion, protected from the unscrupulous, flexible in nature, and ultimately to have an asset of value to sell when it's time to move on. Some key ideas to discuss: From idea to business plan to execution of the plan to self-analysis to success to selling your business. We will examine how to tell if your plan is sound, how much it will cost in time and treasure, how to use the bank, the accountant, the lawyer, how and why to set up a corporation or LLC on the cheap. Other topics include how to get credit, to negotiate with vendors and customers, and to save on taxes. You will learn how to use the system to your advantage, and how to become independent and secure in insecure times. We will discuss franchises, pyramid schemes, and partnerships; importantly, what to avoid. In short, a "turnkey" laundry list to get you from zero to full-time without job applications, interviews, and having to fulfill someone else's vision. Fulfill your own instead!

Running your own business is all about doing what you like to do, what you are good at, and what fulfills you and enhances your life. It's hard work, but if you love what you're doing, it's actually no work at all.

















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