Thai Massage - Aloha Style

Presented by Thomas Drury.

Thai Massage is performed on a mat with the client and therapist wearing loose fitting clothing (In this class clothes are optional!) Sometimes referred to as "Lazy Person's Yoga", Thai massage incorporates facilitated stretching and energy work similar to Shiatsu with various massage techniques to give a truly thorough full body massage. Students will learn basic techniques to relieve headaches, backaches, tight hamstrings and get individual solutions to their health concerns. Participants should bring a padded mat (yoga mat, sleeping bag, etc.) and clothing that will allow a full range of motion and comfort. This class will include instruction in Lomi Lomi, a traditional healing art originally performed by Hawaiians, and Opu Huli, an abdominal massage to assist with digestion and various aspects of health. You are welcome to bring massage oil.

















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