The Queen: A New Face for the Goddess

Presented by Paula West.

All women aren't ready to become "Crones" as soon as their menses cease. We live a lot longer than we used to in the "Olde Days", and we rarely progress straight from Maiden to Mother to Crone. In fact, many of us spend a really long time in the "no-woman's land" between Mother and Crone. The new idea of the Goddess incarnation of Queen describes a time of rejuvenation to be celebrated by "women of a certain age." This class about the Queen stage of a woman's life is offered to ALL women: 1.) No matter what your age; 2.) Whether you are childless by chance or choice-- or if you have lots of children--physical and/or spiritual; 3.) If you are one who started the "Strange of Life" early or late; 4.) Or just because you are interested or intrigued. (If you wish to research to prepare for this class, I recommend a great book by my mentor and the original QUEEN, Mama Donna Henes, entitled, The Queen of My Self: Stepping into Sovereignty in Midlife.)

















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