What is Chaos Magic?

Presented by Andrieh Vitimus.

Ever wonder what this whole "chaos magic thing" off the Internet is? Andrieh Vitimus goes over some of the history, attitudes and general points of view surrounding chaos magic. Misconceptions of the meta-paradigm will be discussed as well as defining what chaos magic actually is about. Chaos as a "negative" concept is not at all the same as the mathematical/physics based concepts that inspired this results-based attitude toward magic. Another similar way to term these ideas is through the use of the phrase "post-modern magic." Chaos is not the same as the "negative" generally destructive concept that most people assume it is. Chaos is the mathematical/physics based concept behind chaos mathematics and the Greek concept of formlessness that the world is created from. There is no system of magic that comprises chaos magic; there is no single set of beliefs that is chaos magic. There is only an attitude toward magic, which encourages play, experimentation, and verification. Want to see how that works in practice? Come to the experience that is "What is Chaos Magic."

















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