Who Wants To Live Forever?

Presented by Rick Amandan.

The science and technology available to humanity is developing at an accelerating rate. It has advanced more in the past ten years than in the previous ten thousand. If the trend continues then within the next twenty to fifty years it will become possible for us to physically and biologically merge with our machines. Sickness and disease will be eliminated by nano-engineering. And when we sail over this technological horizon to a new world where real, physical, immortality is possible, we are going to be faced with many important choices as individuals and as a species. Who will have access to the technology that offers immortality? Who will control it? Will we still need or want children? Will births continue to be allowed in a world of finite resources and a population of immortals? Will work be necessary or meaningful? Will consciousness become transferable, shareable, or copyable? What becomes of religion? And what role is left for God(s) when we become like Gods ourselves?

















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