Athena Windsong

Athena Windsong hosts a weekly radio broadcast called Voyages with Ms. Dawn on WCOM-LP 103.5FM in Carrboro, NC, Mondays, 4-5pm EST. Voyages is a virtual Music History and Appreciation classroom, featuring topics ranging from history lessons to spirituality and ecstasy in music to breaking down musical form for the non-musician to broadcasting rarely-played cuts by forgotten artists. Click the Listen Live link at each week for a tuition-free college class.

For Starwoodians this year, you can expect a Theme of Awesomeness from Athena Windsong's broadcasts. Past Starwood Festival Radio shows have included "My Guilty Music Pleasures" with embarrassingly irresistible dance tunes, "Island Hopping" with authentic cultural selections from islands around the world, and "Shake and Bake" to amp-up your groovy mellow. Athena's knowledge of cultures, genres, and eras will enhance and finesse your festival experience. Her brain is a Musical Rolodex, so just like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get!

















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