Dulahan (Doo-la-hon) is an anomaly in Celtic music, displaying an unwavering commitment to the strength and message of their original Celtic music. They have released six CDs, including their latest: Little Bits of Truth. The Cincinnati-based band pays homage to the traditional music that its signature sound has evolved from, but is proud to bring its fresh new music to the Celtic music scene.

The compositions of veteran singer-songwriter Kyle Aughe dominate the band's repertoire and are delivered with a passion and energy that fuses the multiple influences each of the 5 members brings to the table. The results are an exciting hybrid that is unmistakably rooted in the traditional Irish and Scottish sounds. This unique cross-pollination allows Dulahan to connect with fans of the traditional and the contemporary and draws new fans to Celtic music wherever their music is heard. Featuring powerful 3 and 4 part vocal harmonies (all 5 members are singers) and a backing of predominantly traditional Celtic instrumentation, the band has continued to evolve and stretch the limits of its sound while maintaining its roots. While their original music remains the core of the Dulahan sound, the band loves to mix in classic pub favorites, sea shanties, ballads and rousing rebel songs.

Dulahan has performed at a variety of regional venues and events including Dayton Celtic Festival, Dublin Irish Festival, Cincinnati Celtic Festival, Riverfront Irish Festival, Springfield Irish Festival and the Shamrock Irish Festival. The band also appears at regional pubs including The Dublin Pub (Dayton), Byrnes Pub (Columbus), Molly Malone's (Cincinnati), Flanagan's Pub (Dayton), Logan's Irish Pub (Findlay) The Claddagh (Mason), Peachs (Yellow Springs), Gilly's (Dayton), Nine Irish Brothers (Lafayette, Indiana) and Boston's Bistro (Dayton).

Kyle Aughe: Vocals, Guitar, Bouzouki, Banjo, and Harmonica
Leo Butler: Irish Whistles, Flutes, Pipes, Vocals
Mark Sandlin: Vocals, Mandolin, Bouzouki, Banjo, and Guitar
Bart Cason: Percussion, Vocals
Tony Williams: Vocals, Piano

















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