Muruga Booker and the Cosmic Hoedown Band

Muruga Booker & the Cosmic HoeDown Band is the latest project by Detroit-based legendary drummer and percussionist Muruga Booker. After 54 years of his music career, Muruga wanted to fuse his many styles of music into one that would resonate with his spiritual and musical interests, and communicate his musical roots; a Music that would have the Cosmic freedom of jazz and the rhythmical heart-beat of Funk, and combine his Serbian heritage, African, Eastern Nada Yoga, and shamanic influences with country blues, rock, funk and his world music roots. He wanted to maintain his cosmic approach and still get down and boogie. He wanted a party music of the American hoedown that brought people together to jam, trance and dance. Muruga is also an Aka priest, an Orthodox priest spreading the word that Spirit and uncreated light source energy is the life force in us all no matter what you call it. (He teaches and does lecture workshops on the topic.)

The result is a psychedelic world-music band that really brings the FUNK! It features personnel from such past projects as The Rainforest Band, the P-Funk All-Stars and the Global Village Ceremonial Band, and their play-list spans four decades, with plenty of true jam-band action. Veteran drummer Muruga and vocalist Shakti (who have played and/or recorded with Weather Report, Babatunde Olatunji, Sikiru Adepoju, Merle Saunders, Jerry Garcia and George Clinton among others) are joined by Parliament Funkadelic member Tony "Strat" Thomas, who adds the rock and original funk and country Hoedown flavor on Guitar. Founder of the P-Funk Mob and co-founder of the P-Funk Outlawz, Tony has toured with George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Eddie Hazel, Bobby Womack and Muruga Booker, and recorded and shared stage with artists ranging from Sly Stone, Kid Rock, Todd Rundgren, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Wayne Shorter and many more. The band also features two bass players, Benjamin Piner on tenor bass playing free funk around the grove of Douglas Weaver on bass, and veteran Global Villager and Starwood speaker Ralph Koziarski rocks the horns and New Age flutes, hoedowns the wash board and grooves the percussion. They generously played at the Starwood AfterShock Party at Tredara in Madison, OH, and ROCKED the HOUSE! They will be accompanied by special guest star Badal Roy, who has played with Miles Davis, Ornette Colman, Herbie Mann and Yoko Ono!

















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