Red Wound

Red Wound is a modern-day international musical collaboration between two artful lost souls. In early 2009 Rowye (programmer) and Denise "Dirty Mother" Cumor (vocals) collided into each other on the Internet in the gaming guises of trampy elves, and at once became scheming fiendish friends. With Rowye in Barcelona, Spain, and Denise in Baltimore, MD (they had never met in person or even spoken beyond online chatting), the music became their way of communicating. The Gothic/Electronica sound of Red Wound is a moody and sensual exploration into the darkness of the love-torn psyche. Denise's sultry vocals weave smoothly into Rowye's brooding musical arrangements, creating theatrical yet lush stories with a few edgy surprises. The Red Wound experience live is an evolving multi-media vision of performance art and video. They released their first full-length, self-titled album in January 2012 and are currently working on a collection of new material to be released later this year.

















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