Rogues Cross

Rogues Cross, an all original acoustic Celt Rock project out of Cincinnati Ohio, was formed as the result of a chance rendezvous at a Beltane Bardic fire in rural Ohio in the spring of 1995. The Rogues quickly gained in popularity as a high energy act at a variety of regional Pagan festivals, including numerous PCCO (Pagan Community Council of Ohio) events, a couple of Convocations (Chicago) and a couple of Starwood Festivals (Sherman, NY), as well as many performances on the local prog rock and Celt rock circuits. After 7 years of hard work, the members went their separate ways, but repeated pleas from disappointed fans brought the original members together again for a triumphant, sold out reunion show in the Spring of 2011. Old friendships were re-forged, new music was written and the Rogues were back on the scene! Characterized by driving 12-string rhythm guitar, bold, dynamic female vocals, demonic fiddle, and primal percussion and bass, the Rogues are known for ribald, frenetic performances punctuated by dark, somber ballads with textures of Tolkien and witchcraft. They have two albums to their name: "Live Between the Worlds" and the self titled "Rogues Cross." If you like to dance to well crafted, slightly irreverent acoustic music, you'll take great pleasure in a Rogues Cross performance.

Rogues Cross is: The Hung Rogue (Eric Chapman - acoustic guitars, vocals, mandolin)
The Rogue Noir (Gregory Morris - violin, guitar, mandolin, vocals)
The Rouge Rogue (Bree Chapman - vocals)
The Beer Rogue (Erich Schwieckart - acoustic guitar, mandolin)
The Boom Rogue (Paul Ravenscraft - percussion, guitar, vocals)
The Young Rogue (Johnathan Chapman - bass, percussion, guitar, vocals)

















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