Ruthann Amarteifio

Ruthann Amarteifio is a host and producer on two internet radio stations,, with Casey J. Caraher, and Right now, that's seven shows a week.

From light banter to serious topics of the day, she takes it all on. Interviews include Michael Parenti, Noam Chomsky, Guy McPherson, Eileen Fleming, Stewart Alexander, and Neil Gould. Some of the Pagans of note include Jeff Rosenbaum, Ariel Monsarret, Kerr Cululain, Ian Corrigan, Eatmore Toadstools, and Jera Babylon Rootweaver. Musicians who have been on her shows include Starwood presenters - past and present. Also, some who will be here, down the road, hopefully - Kenny Klein, Morticia's Chair, Broccoli Samurai, Tuatha Dea, and Drazy Hoops. 2013 will be Ruthann's second year on Starwood Radio.

Variety and diversity can be found on Ruthann's shows. Paganism, plant diets, poetry, politics, and polyamory, and all things in between!!

Ruthann will be interviewing Ariel Monserrat and Tom Donahue, the Editor and Publisher of Green Egg Zine,, one of, if not the, oldest running Pagan magazine. Also, from The Illuminati Network,, comes Elizaberth Sturino, Chairman of the Board and Co-founder, and Michael Thornley, Advertising Director. This is a new Pagan plus radio station. There will be "walk-by" interviews, along with great fest music. And, we can't forget the surprise giveaways! So, stop by and say 'Hi'!

















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