Waking Dream

Waking Dream is a performance company based in Byram, CT that presents in audience interactive performance art specializing in giant puppetry. Waking Dream performances are spontaneous, unexpected and magical. Waking Dream encourages the audience to join in the performance through use of costumes, props and puppets. Participants are encouraged to learn about what we do and give it a try themselves! They design and construct the puppets for Starwood's Kids Parade and our Bonfire, and will be running the nightly parties and multi-media offerings in the PufferDome this year. Look for some of our musical guests to join them in the Dome.

Puppet Magic with Waking Dream

Waking Dream presents interactive giant puppet performances and parades. Come join us in creating spontaneous magic through your creativity and imagination! Be a part of the Children's Parade during the day, and help inspire the next generation to use their minds and hearts to create the magic reality we want to see them grow up into. And at night, join us in the Glow Parade, featuring light-up puppets and costumes. Bring your faerie lights, glow sticks & light wire, Glow poi & hoops and create with us a little bit of Burning Man at Starwood. The Waking Dream camp is open to everyone throughout the festival who wishes to help create the magic and get involved in the performances. Stop by and chat us up and we will let you what you can do to get involved!

















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