Kyle Aughe

Kyle Aughe is a founding member of Dulahan and has been singing since he was very young, both on his own and in church choirs. He began playing the acoustic guitar while in high school in Dayton, Ohio and almost immediately became fascinated with the art of songwriting, which remains his first love to this day.

Kyle performed solo in small clubs in Columbus, Ohio while attending Ohio State University. Looking for a bigger sound to back up his original songs, he formed the country-folk band Green River in the mid 1970's in Dayton. In search of a more layered acoustic-electric sound he founded the country- rock band Bramble, which was known for its fusion of acoustic instruments (guitar and piano) with the traditional electric and steel guitars of the 70's and strong 2 and 3 part harmonies.

Kyle was introduced to Celtic music initially through the live performances of some of the genre's powerhouse Irish instrumental groups such as Dervish, Solas, Altan and Lunasa. It was exposure to the more vocal oriented Celtic artists like the Tannahill Weavers, Andy Stewart and The Old Blind Dogs that peaked his interest in writing and performing Celtic flavored compositions. Dulahan was formed in 2001 and has increasingly featured Kyle's Celtic themed songs as the core of their sound. His songs blend a variety of influences both traditional and contemporary, and forge the hybrid sound that is Dulahan.

Kyle and his wife Kathleen live in Dayton and have three children, Dylan, Mackenzie and Cassidy.

Celtic Songwriting Workshop

Dulahan (performing Thursday night this year) features original Celtic music written exclusively by lead singer and songwriter Kyle Aughe, and the band is in the studio currently working on its 7th all-original CD project. Kyle has been writing for over 35 years has composed over 90 Celtic compositions. This workshop will explore the writing processes he employs focusing on themes, melodies, inspirations and strategic approaches to songwriting, along with some acoustic performances of some of his music. Everyone is welcome.

















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