Muruga Booker

Muruga Booker is a percussionist with an incredible list of credits, from jazz to rock, world beat to techno-rave. Muruga brings his latest project, the Cosmic Hoedown Band, to Starwood (they rocked the Starwood AfterShock Party last year!). He started drumming in Detroit in the mid 50s, playing with such legends as John Lee Hooker and Junior Wells, and with Jim & Jean on their albums Changes and People World in the early 60s. When he played with Tim Harden at Woodstock, he met Swami Satchidananda and began a three-decade quest in Sida/Kundalini Yoga, touring with Swami Muktananda and Ram Das, and eventually attaining the titles of Nada Yogi and Go Swami. He played with Paul Winter Consort on Something Wild in the Wind in '68, at Carnegie Hall with the Brubeck Generation in '71, and replaced Airto with Weather Report to record Sweet Nighter in '73. In the 80s he recorded several albums with George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars, and produced trance-drumming records with Prem Das. In the 90s, he was part of Merl Saunder's Rainforest Band, recording with Jerry Garcia on Blues For the Rainforest, did a CD with Babatunde Olatunji and Sikiru called Cosmic Rhythm Vibrations (renamed Circle of Drums for the 2005 Chesky release), and played with his own band, The Global Village Ceremonial Band, featuring ex-Big Brother guitarist James Gurley. He recently won the Detroit Music Award for Outstanding World/Reggae/Ska Instrumentalist.

The Spirit of Drumming and Drum Technique

Muruga will teach polyrhythms, drum textures, hand and stick techniques, and time signatures, and discuss trance drumming and creating ambiance by drumming the space as well as the note. The class will include aspects of Kundulini and Nada yoga (the inner divine sound), and will integrate hatha yoga stretching and breathing to achieve health and maximum relaxation for better drumming and musical expression. Kundulini is the inner conscious uncreated energy of creation, and Nada is the sound of the energy. We will tap into our Kundulini and Nada energy, and take this into trance drumming, breathing and chanting through a spontaneous Kundalini experience for health, creativity, and cosmic oneness of being. This interactive workshop will include lecture and live performance. Drums and percussion will be provided BUT people should be encouraged to bring their own drums.

















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