Barbara Thorn Cale

Barbara Thorn Cale is a professional music educator with a background in teaching both instrumental and choral music at many age levels. She has studies piano, violin, and percussion for most her life. Barbara's passion for music has led her out of her string orchestra classroom, to Turkey, multiple times, where she has studied hand drumming with Ustad Bunyamin Olguncan. A long time student of Raquy Danziger (Raquy and the Cavemen), Daveed Korup (Turku), and Billy Woods (Dragonsong), Barbara is enjoying the journey of rhythmic and cultural discovery, both here and abroad.

Istanbul not Constantinople: Drumming and Travel Stories in Turkey

An overview of Turkish hand drumming techniques, along with discussion of what to expect from the Turkish drumming scene, culture, travel tips and whatnot. See what makes the Turks some of the best and fastest hand drummers in the world. Please bring a drum.

















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