Billy Crocker

Billy Crocker has had formal training in both classical guitar and piano, which he began when he was ten years of age. His interests have led him to blues slide guitar, Spanish and finger style guitar. His love for the dumbek was influenced by renown percussionist Billy Woods, and Daveed Korup of Turku. He has also studied with Raquy Danziger of Raquy and the Cavemen. Billy is a talented improv musician who also composes original pieces for piano, guitar, and violin. He also has a healthy lust for world music, classical, medieval music and the blues, which can be recognized in his recent compositions. Billy's fortes are improvisation and soloing for belly dancers. He honed his chops at the Ohio Renaissance Festival, where he played darbuka in the belly dance show for 14 years. Because of his knack for originality, his improvisational drumming is very exciting and new every time he picks up his drum.

Drumming for Bellydancers: Basic Structure and Easy Cues

Learn basic solo phrases over the mother of all Middle Eastern rhythms, "maksum". We will review Communication between dancer and drummer, How not to "lose the dancer", and ideas for ending the solo together with the dancer.

















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