Rebecca Crystal

Having attended most Starwoods since discovering there was such a thing, Rebecca is honored to have led workshops for more than 30 years on a diverse range of topics at this and other festivals. In that time she has trained students in the metaphysical arts as well as raised a son, become proficient in her current career of psychotherapist, and begun studying for her next career - that of Unitarian Universalist minister. Her long-range goal is to help coordinate end-of-life care for fringe folk including retirement complex, nursing home, funeral parlor and sacred burial lands. Rebecca wishes to take this time to HAIL! all ACE staff and volunteers and to wish everyone Bright Blessings!

Hail and Farewell Grounding Circle

Gather the depleting energies, the forgotten moments of agony or despair that festival sometimes creates. Ground them for fertilizer for better moments. If you are in need of clearing, healing, grounding or want to help others, come prepared for a whirl wind final session with an irreverent, sex positive, sometimes rude, intuitive who some call Shaman. Socks will be rocked off! Respect, confidentiality and water bottles are a requirement.

Intense Psychic Healing/Teaching Circle, With a Side of Mirth

404 level. A slightly crazy, definitely off-beat, self-trained shamanic intuitive, using humor and abrupt directions as well as group participation, will work with you to release old agonies, obliterate blockages and heal psychic wounds. All who choose to be healed agree to see a psychotherapist should they need to, agree to allow the Work to be done and agree to give Rebecca some slack. All who attend agree to keep confidence, not interrupt, and not heal at the same time unless directed to do so. NOTE: Serious wackiness may occur. No electronics. No drama kings and queens please. Warning: sex positive psychic with colorful vocabulary who is sometimes rude to get the work done.

Play with Your (auric) Self

A fun, experiential workshop for those who have never had a "psychic experience" or those who are stuck in some aspect of intuitive abilities. Everyone will repeatedly pair with someone they don't know and be led through a series of exercises to introduce or strengthen natural abilities for a range of intuitive interplay. This is a fast paced interactive didactic workshop for explorers of all kinds and ages. (Note: Anyone who works with Rebecca agrees to see a therapist if needed later. All who attend agree to confidentiality within the circle. Special warning: Rebecca delights in using bawdy language and has an irreverent attitude).

Poly Peoples Practical Wisdom and Wit Sharing Circle

Sit in council and share wisdom and wit with Poly People who know or are curious about how it all works. Sharing our stories and knowledge we will find community and strength to continue being our true selves in a world hostile to anything out side the monotheistic, monogamous culture. Respectful listening to all people's reality a requirement. Confidentiality to the circle an expectation.

Psychic or Psycho?

Do you hear voices? Do you see things others say are not there? Do you have a sense that something is about to happen - and then it does? Do you find the voices and visions get in the way of your functioning in your life? Have you lost jobs/lovers/friends because of the voices and visions? Is a voice telling you not to come to this workshop? A psychic, not psychotic, social worker will explain the difference between being psychic (as part of a religion) and being psycho.

Rattle Your Way to a Better Death

Common phrases like "I'm beside myself" or "I'm scared out of my mind" refer to times when our soul is displaced. Some people live displaced all of their lives. These bits and pieces can be retrieved through rattling with intention. When it comes time to die, and before, these bits and pieces can be called back together to make for an easier death. Rattling is a practice of 'being here now' and can facilitate this gathering of bits. Come to this workshop to rattle for your own healing, for each other and for the world. Bring your own rattle, or stop by early at Rebecca's booth to make a free rattle. Basic material to make a simple, rather ugly, rattle will be on hand if someone helps me tote the stuff to the workshop.

















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