Adam Davis

Adam Davis has a Ph.D. degree in Geoecology from Indiana University and teaches Earth and Environmental Sciences at the college level. In addition to teaching about the workings of the Earth, he has been facilitating spiritually-oriented connecting with the land workshops at healthy-living fairs, community events, and Neo-Pagan gatherings for the past 15 years. He enjoys combining multiple perspectives to explore integrated, wholistic ways of working with nature.

Connecting With the Land

In this workshop, we will connect with a sacred space within the landscape of Wisteria. We will have a chance to deepen our relationships with nature by employing ritual and meditation techniques to explore spirit energies and the natural forces of the land.

Walking with Nature

During this workshop, we will travel through Wisteria interacting with its natural features along the way. We will walk on moist earth among blooming wildflowers, swaying grasses, and young forests. As we walk, we will have the opportunity to experience the sacredness of nature - the natural foundation of our Starwood groove.

















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