Luna Hart

Luna Hart is a licensed nondenominational priestess and ritual artist who has been teaching techniques of meditative movement, rhythm, breath, voice, visualization and creative ritual as a path to awakening for over twenty years. Her events are enriched by her skill and talent as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, visual artist, hypnotherapist, tarot reader and astrologer. Luna is also a certified hypnotherapist, a professional reader and astrologer with 30 years' experience, an ICNHA certified henna artist, and a Level II Reiki practitioner. She is an engaging and passionate guide with a well-developed sense of timing, humor, and group energy. She leads with empathic sensitivity and dynamic presence, moving the group from an everyday state of consciousness into a co-creative experience of living prayer and divine presence.

Her open circle "MotherDrum - Dance, Drum and Chant for Women", has been gathering in Kent, OH to celebrate the many faces of the divine feminine since 2001. Shortly after starting MotherDrum, Luna was introduced to the Dances of Universal Peace through dance leader Kris Kiko-Cozy, who was teaching The 21 Praises of Tara, a dance practice based in Tibetan Buddhism. Luna became a Level I teacher of the Tara Dance, and co-taught with Kris, providing musical support for the practice, and the Dances of Universal Peace. Luna has been leading dances herself since 2002, and feels they are incomparable for the profound sense of peace, joy, spiritual connection, and community that they evoke.

Dance the Goddess: Green Tara and White Tara

The Dances of Universal Peace were created in the 1970s by Samuel Lewis as a means of generating peace through the arts. Simple Tai Chi-like movements will be quickly learned and accompanied by beautiful and powerful chants. This 1.25 hour session will honor the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. We will learn the Tibetan greeting dance of Tashi Deleg, Shantideva's Refuge dance, Tara the White, and Green Tara Mantra. NO dance experience needed!

Dance the Tarot

This class will incorporate aspects of the Dances of Universal Peace, simple Tai Chi-like movements, and the Sacred Magic of the Tarot dances. Created by Maria Ache and her Brazilian Dance group, Grupo Chama, the Sacred Magic of the Tarot dance series celebrates the energies of the Major Arcana of the Tarot with a distinctly Brazilian flair for rhythm, sensuality and intensity. This 2.5 hour experience will include The Magician, The Hierophant, The High Priestess, Strength, and Wheel of Fortune. NO dance experience needed!

Dances of Universal Peace - Goddess Dances for Women

This special women-only version of the Dances of Universal Peace will be accompanied by Tai Chi-like movements, quickly learned and accompanied by beautiful and powerful chants. This 1.25 hour women's session will draw from Dances that celebrate the Goddess in the form of Yemaya, Isis, Inanna, Kwan Zeon Bo Sai, and White Tara. NO dance experience needed! (Women only please.)

















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