Jane Hash

Jane Hash is a Certified Natural Health Professional, an Herbalist, a Holistic Vitality Educator, and Solitary Practitioner of an eclectic Pagan path. She is the smallest, Teacher, Healer, Festivilian on wheels who you've likely seen romping about in her power wheelchair while laughing at something inappropriate. Over the past ten years Jane has lead many workshops for Starwood, with an alternative health theme. This year she brings something a little different to share.

For the past five years Jane Hash and Tom Trainer have been filming a documentary about Jane's outrageous life called, "Plain Jane: The SHOCKUMENTARY!" It's not all Fairy-Dust and rainbows but it will make you laugh more than it will make you cry. If you are tolerant and accepting of dwarfs, nudity, sex, guns, transexuals, goats, Pagans, alternative healing, and racial diversity, then you must attend this workshop! You will have an opportunity to watch the movie in its entirety, meet the Filmmakers, and ask them questions afterward.


The film is a "shockumentary" in that common notions about disabled people are turned upside down and backwards. Part interview, part music video, part animation, and part reenactment, this film explores new territory in the realm of human experience; a triumph of the will as Jane overcomes obstacles and destroys popular myths.

Jane was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a condition which is manifested by extremely brittle bones. At birth, Jane had twenty-six broken bones and was not expected to live 3 hours. By the time she was in high school, she had broken 200.

With a large dose of dark humor, this independent film by Tom Trainer documents the eccentric life of a woman with a disability, Jane Hash. When Jane first contacted Tom and proposed this film idea, he was more than a little apprehensive. His main concern was that people would think that he was exploiting her in some way because she lives such an outrageous lifestyle. For an exceptionally small woman, Jane can be very persuasive. In Tom's words, "I am very proud to present to the world, this film that is entertaining yet very real, a bit harsh, and totally controversial."

Due to adult themes, children will not be permitted. For more information go to www.plainjanetheshockumentary.com

















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