Drew Huesman

Drew Huesman is a graduate of Central Academy of Commercial Art in Cincinnati and a member of the Miamisburg Art Guild. He has spent over 20 years in the screen-printing industry in the Dayton area, and taught several cartooning classes at the Kettering Adult School. He operates his own business, Star City Art Co. (Dayton), doing murals and commercial art, and he designed the Starwood 25th Anniversary T-Shirt. He has also helped run the ACE sales booth at Starwood since 2004.

Advanced Art

All mediums welcome! Bring your projects to start, work on, or finish. Work with your peers, receive constructive criticism and give it back. Need a little help, we're here for you; ideas, techniques, and answers await you in this class. Discover your true potential and become the Artist you always wanted to be.

Learn to Draw with Drew

If pen and paper are your cup of tea, join us for a series of classes on sketching and cartooning and learn to preserve your Starwood memories while expressing yourself artistically. Wednesday we'll learn to draw basic shapes & texture rubbings and faces; Thursday we'll explore perspective and figure drawing; Friday we'll move to body parts, cartoon figure drawing and backgrounds; and Saturday we'll review it all and complete the final project. Please bring a few soft-leaded pencils, a sharpener, an eraser, and lots of paper of your choice, and a hard surface (pad or clipboard). Some materials will be provided. And don't forget your creativity.

















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