Sean Kearsey

Sean Kearsey is a Certified Permaculture Designer and Land Steward for Goblins Glen Botanical Sanctuary and Wildlife Habitat. He has designed gardens as part of the Re-Imagining Cleveland Project for Westtown Community Development, and has worked with Parkworks and the Ohio State University extension office. He teaches introductory classes about creating Permaculture gardens, Aquaculture/Aquaponics and maple syrup production at Goblins Glen and at various events throughout Ohio.

Introduction to Permaculture

This workshop will discus basic nuts and bolts of designing a system for your land for sustainable agriculture and healthy food systems, and procedures for observing your land and working with nature to create a healthy community. Attendees will leave with an understanding of the layers of a forest and how they can apply that understanding to a food forest of their own.

Permaculture Projects for Your Home

Sean offers simple projects for your home that help create a sustainable culture. Various gardening methods will be explained, along with rain harvesting, companion planting, composting for healthy soil and aquaponics. This course is taught with the understanding that life’s true magic comes from connecting with nature.

















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