Liafal, M. Ed, is a Chameleon, an ACE organizer, and a former Senior Druid of Stone Creed Grove. She is a professional educator and a Priestess of the Traditional Craft, past Vice Archdruid for ADF, a past officer of the Ohio local Covenant of the Goddess, and has been a major motivating force behind the Starwood Festival Kids' Programming for many years. A talented singer, she performs in the group Awen.

So Its Your First Starwood...

Chameleons and ACE organizers Liafal and Jeff Rosenbaum present an informal orientation for first-time attendees to Starwood (or festivals in general). Topics to be discussed may include site orientation, etiquette, how to tell the staff from even lower primates, the history of Starwood, and your incessant questions. Just kidding. No, really.

















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