Yust Lundberg

Yust Lundberg, in his daily work as the Faery King, shares knowledge from his travels to six of seven continents; his personal journey, experience and ancestral understanding, combined with information from his deep study of the esoteric and spiritual arts, tribal history and more. He has worked as an associate shaman for full moon gatherings at Alex Grey's Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, and produced many events for CoSM and other Venues over the years, some of them rogue and spontaneous (so watch for them at the festival). In his postings, workshops and talks he shares vignettes from his very magickal childhood in Key West, Florida, that led him to embrace the path that has consumed his daily life these past fifteen years; that of the integrated shaman.

He is a co-founder of The Gossamer Court, "an affiliation of spiritually inspired artists devoted to healing through art", through which he shares many aspects of the art scene everywhere. He is about making magick, music and art wherever he goes. Alchemical events, raves, live performance, writing, chanting, overtone, percussion, and dance are only a few of the things that this integrated shaman is known for.

Yust works the fire in a very unique way, and it is appreciated by many for his altered perspectives. His experiences as mentor, guide, sojourner, psychic and practitioner on the festival/gathering circuit and elsewhere - living these wonderful things - have all validated his living his personal mantra of "healing through art." He has been absent from the Starwood Festival for three years, and will be returning home. He will see you by the fire this year.

ArteKamp: Presented by The Gossamer Court and the faery king

Come sit, make art, sing us a song, and write us a poem. Bring special knowledge. We had a nice lady come by with four Bonsai trees and began a class of her own, right on the spot. If you can make banjos out of tin cans, please come by and demonstrate the process. Hey, it takes a village and we want a village of happy artistically stimulated creative campers healing through art and laughter. Here is how this works:

There are two or three art entrees selected for people to work on, with an artist explaining the process, listing the supplies required, drying time, selections of paints, brushes, glue, markers etc. The Gossamer Court ArteBank does its best to provide all necessary supplies. We ask that you pick the supplies for one project at a time, using what you take and leaving the rest for other artists to work with. Projects include:

Stone Painting (with weather proof paint, to make stones with Mandala, tribal, totem, runic, hieroglyph, calligraphy designs, for The Faerie Mound)

Making your Own Shaker (Or other musical instrument, with plastic eggs or wood and tin tea canisters, dried beans, peas and a selection of glues, a few glue guns and various paints, rhinestones and sequins to adorn their eggs).

Mini-Etchings (we have a lot of paint and some markers, but we are a little low on mini-canvasses and we are out of mini-easels. Design your own crests or totems. We will have one Dremmel, a wood burner and a few other tools to work with, maybe more depending on donations, which is how the ArteBank operates).

The Age of the Indigo Enlightenment

The Renaissance was a period of enlightenment that followed the dark ages and some equally dark medieval times, centuries especially terrifying for some thinkers, artists and practitioners, many that were deeply spiritual as well as scientific, who resided outside of the organized religions of Abraham. To think and share ideas formed outside the parameters of church dogma, with its beats by very few drummers, based on archaic sacred texts and superstition was punishable by persecution, torture, even death. Is it difficult to fathom the possibility of a very different kind of soul being born en masse, following yet another period of suffering, unhealthy chaos, and spiritual despair?

Is the world ready for a new form of magick, a few drams of medicine that will provide a cosmic level of healing, thus restoring the populous to good, spiritual, emotional and physical health? Are we Indigo one simple part of a complex equation that, once solved, will provide answers to basic questions like: What courses should we set that will lead us to be whole and healthy Beings? And what might the Indigo, healers by nature, do to become better and more successful physicians?

Yust has built a network of Indigo artists, healers, musicians, inventors, and thinkers. This audience-participation workshop is intended to raise awareness, provoke questions and challenge ideas, while exploring the various theories about Indigo, Crystal and Star-Children, those that have made an increasing appearance over several decades of the last century. Yust plans to select Indigo panelists to help him with the Q and A. Please respect those holding the talking stick by waiting your turn. Indigo curious are welcome, too.

















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