Grant Marquit

Grant Marquit's career is built at the intersection of economic development, creativity and geocentric values. For over 15 years, he has produced large-scale events in the realm of innovation, arts and culture, technology and executive education, and consults with organizations and municipalities to make visions manifest. He is a co-founder of Entrepreneurs for Sustainability, a Cleveland, Ohio-based non-profit that helps businesses implement strategies to enhance the triple-bottom line of people, planet and prosperity. He received a License (LMT) from the Medical Board of the State of Ohio to practice massotherapy in 2001. He is an instructor of the simple yogic practice of Kirtan, using traditional Sanskrit chants to open the communication chakra and connect with the divine. He is a "corporate drumming" facilitator, and has collaborated with Halim El-Dabh, Raquy Danziger, Jim Donovan of Rusted Root, Afro-Brazilian percussionist Marcus Santos, Carlos Jones, and Jamey Haddad among others.

Conscious Capitalism

Public approval rating for business in the USA is hovering just above where Congress is rated (~18%), but there is hope on the horizon! When business serves a higher purpose beyond the financial bottom line, more value is created in the long term - for everyone. Inspired by the leaders of Whole Foods, the Container Store, Google, Method, etc., the Conscious Capitalism movement is quickly permeating the ethos and practice of business, and Wall Street is paying attention. In this workshop, we will share some of the stories and practices of Conscious Capitalism, from leadership and management, to the functional areas of Operations and Marketing. How can you and the businesses you buy from or work with help solve some of our world's most pressing issues? Come and see.

Vishuddha Yoga, Mantra and Kirtan

Named for the "Communication" chakra Vishuddha Yoga, like all true forms, has both physical and spiritual aspects. This practice has special relevance for ritual, as well as informing the more subtle natures of multi-planar experience. It has implications for leadership, community, performance art, personal development, health and healing, and of course, interpersonal communication. Incorporating anatomy and physiology, traditional yoga postures and breath, mantra (liberating thought-sounds), kirtan (sacred songs, typically in Sanskrit) and some experimentation, this workshop may feel like a massage for the inside of your body, and give you a very simple and direct experience of yogic energy. Drums, percussion and dancers welcome and encouraged!

















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