Raymond Mitchell-Stillwagner

Raymond Mitchell-Stillwagner, also known as "Little Big" to the Space Rangers, was born in 2000. Ray loves nature and was raised sharing his father Jason's outdoor skills. He likes hacking code, discussing metaphysics and quantum physics, playing his ocarina, and hanging with the hippies. He wants to own his own video game company and be a hippie when he grows up.

Plant Identification

Presented with Jason Stillwagner.

One thing everyone loves about Wisteria is the scenery... the lush foliage, the bright flowers, the spry plants that don't wilt even in the ridiculous heat. In this workshop, Ray (along with his dad) will teach you how to identify plants that you may find in Wisteria using their leaves or flowers, as well as some uses for those plants; then we will go on a 'walkabout' on the nature trails of Wisteria to try our hands at identifying these plants in their natural environment.

















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