Robin has been studying and practicing magick since 1998 and holds initiations in Wicca and the Ordo Templi Orientis. Other than witchcraft and ceremonial magick in general, runes have been a topic of close study for him since 2008. Some areas from his personal practice include exploring Germanic and Finno Ugric shamanism and shamanic techniques such as seething, rune reading, sauna, and drumming. He has presented workshops on rune magick and how to make your own rune sets at the Bedford Pagan Pride Day, Black Sun Oasis and elsewhere for the Cuyahoga Falls/Akron pagan community. He is currently pursuing a degree in interdisciplinary anthropology."

Runes Part 1: Make Your Own Rune Set

For the first part of the workshop we will burn our own rune sets as we chant the runes and discuss their meanings in a group. At the end of this one you will walk away with your own set in a white bag that doubles as a casting cloth. This will be on a first come first serve basis. We will try to have enough materials for approximately 15-20 rune sets. If we ran out of blanks at a previous work shop you will be given priority at this one.

Runes Part 2: Runes in Magick

We will briefly talk about the origins of the runes and how they can be used in magick. Some relevant topics are bindrunes, staves or runic talismans, divination, galdr, sauna and seidr which include the larger topic of Germanic and Finno-Ugric Shamanism. As time and interest allow, Robin will demonstrate how he uses some of these techniques in his own personal practice, and he will offer readings according to the needs of participants. Participation in part one is recommended but not mandatory. Note: Robin works with the Norns (who are not unlike a Norse version of the Greek fates) when he does readings. If you want a reading, an offering of a libation or incense is suggested.

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What is the O.T.O.?/ O.T.O. Meet and Greet

Let us rebuild the O.T.O. presence at Starwood! This work shop will have two aims: first, as a general info session for people that are new to O.T.O. and Thelema, then as a community-building Meet & Greet for those that already may have an O.T.O. (or other ceremonial) background. Some general topics of discussion may include: Aleister Crowley, the Book of the Law, Thelema, the Gnostic Mass, Ceremonial Magick and more!

















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