Willowe Starling

Willowe Starling has been drumming since 1994 (about as long as she's been coming to Starwood). She has been a student of doumbek master Raquy Danziger for the past three years, and regularly attends her New York retreats. In March of 2011, Willowe traveled to Istanbul, Turkey to study with Raquy and her teacher Bunyamin Olguncan, as well as some of the best doumbek players in the world. She's been honored to perform with Raquy as one of "The Cavegirls", both at Starwood and in Cleveland, and is currently working on her own musical projects, as well as offering private lessons.

Getting Odd

While the vast majority of western music is based on even rhythms...4/4, 6/8, and the like... billions of people in the middle east and Asia have grown up on odd time signatures: those based on 5,7,9, and onward. In this workshop, Willowe will go over traditional rhythms from other cultures based on these "odd" numbers, and show you how much fun "getting odd" really is!

Intro to Doumbek and Middle Eastern Rhythms

In this workshop, Willowe will introduce the basic hits on the doumbek and teach some of the popular traditional Middle Eastern rhythms. We will also cover transitioning smoothly between rhythms and playing for belly dancers.

















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