The Association for Consciousness Exploration

The Association for Consciousness Exploration was conceived and created by members of the Chameleon Club, an eclectic extended partying group floundered in 1978 in Northeast Ohio. "Dedicated to the Expansion of the Frontiers of your Consideration", A.C.E. provides programs that celebrate diversity in the fields of consciousness, spirituality, and discovery such as the Starwood Festival and WinterStar Symposiums. To quote their flounder, C.C. Rosencomet, "Their motto is Change! their spirit is undaunted, their energy is phenomenal, and their number is far from legion." There are many other groups like the Chameleon Club, but they all reside in parallel universes.

So Its Your First Starwood...

Chameleons and ACE organizers Liafal and Jeff Rosenbaum present an informal orientation for first-time attendees to Starwood (or festivals in general). Topics to be discussed may include site orientation, etiquette, how to tell the staff from even lower primates, the history of Starwood, and your incessant questions. Just kidding. No, really.

















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