Rae Vena

Rae Vena is a traveling artist, of a very new movement called live art. For the last 4 summers she’s taken her easel out of her studio, and embarked on a cross-country art tour to her favorite festivals! Previous art tours, have included festivals such as Wakarusa, Electric Forest, All Good, Sonic Bloom, Rootwire, Starwood, and The Werkout, to name a few. She typically sets up her easel near the stage on the side, away from the crowd, and uses the live music in her paintings for inspiration. This often inspires curiosity and delight in many onlookers as they watch the paintings transform throughout the weekend! Rae Vena regards her live art as ‘Visionary Pop Surrealism’. She plans a full-size pop art gallery - a moving, ever changing art installation and mural - and a week of live art performances by her and the artist peers that will be joining her this summer. Visit her at Site R.

















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