Harvey Wasserman

Harvey Wasserman is a founder of the global grassroots movement against atomic power. In 1973 he helped coin the phrase NO NUKES, for which he's also helped lead the surge for a green-powered Earth. His SOLARTOPIA! is the first holistic vision of what a renewable-powered planet will look like. His SOLARTOPIA! GREEN-POWER HOUR is the first radio show devoted entirely to a green-powered Earth. Harvey also helped break the major stories on the theft of the 2004 election in Ohio. He edits the NukeFree.org website, and his political commentaries appear throughout the web at www.freepress.org, commondreams, counterpunch, alternet and more. Harvey's PASSIONS OF THE POTSMOKING PATRIOTS by "Thomas Paine" portrays George Washington as a gay potsmoker, and breaths life into the fact that our founders all raised hemp and would be horrified to hear that it is somehow illegal.

Killing Nukes and Winning Solartopia

The global grassroots No Nukes movement is shutting down reactors from California to Iowa to Korea and France. It has become one of humankind's most successful non-violent campaigns. But there is a long way to go to Solartopia, a totally green-powered Earth. The good news is: the technology is ready. Join this workshop to see how it's happening and what YOU can do to help win a sustainable future for us all...and for our kids & grandkids. No Nukes!!!

The Spiral of Our History: America - and Humanity - Born and Reborn

Native societies have long believed that history runs in cycles, in tune with the seasons of the year and the natural motions of our biological bodies. But western technology is clearly taking our species in a definite direction. The synthesis of these two forces gives us a spiral, one that's now tightening into what can kindly be called a transformative moment. It could also be a catastrophic apocalypse. The choice is ours. Join us to see what we must do to make the next evolutionary leap-and where we could wind up if we fail.

















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