Nick Wheeler

Nick Wheeler, a native to the Ohio and Pennsylvania region, began spinning fire in 2007 after spending several years gaining familiarity with Poi. In 2010 he began attending a local spinning group, the Cleveland Flow Collective, getting deeper into the flow and fire arts from there. Since, he has learned several other props as well as fire eating, hosting and attending many fire jams involving spinners of all dispositions and levels of familiarity. During these, fire safety for any newcomers has always been a primary focus, which has been helped greatly by lessons learned from other teachers at many festivals over the years.

Beginner to Intermediate Poi

In this class we will cover foundational topics for building a broad base for poi skills and concepts which apply to other one handed props as well. Weaves, Butterflies, Flowers and turning as well as other topics can be covered depending on the interest of the class. Limited practice poi will be available for participants.

















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