sade wolfkitten

sade wolfkitten has been a student of all aspects of life on (and with) Mother Earth for over thirty years. Her disciplines include astrology, Goddess worship, Earth-based religions, yoga, Eastern philosophy and ritual theater. sade has presented workshops at Starwood, Winterstar, ConVocation, Walking the Thresholds and more. As a Starwood organizer, she developed Kid Village programming for pre-teens, and was the host and producer of the pagan radio show "Spirit of the Earth" on WCSB from 1993 - 1997. She coined the term glamourbomb, and was part of the small online group that developed the concept. In recent years, she has been leading regular seasonal meditations and organizing small community gatherings in the Tremont district of Cleveland's west side. She also works as a technical designer for convergence-continuum theater, and with the band Morticia's Chair.

Chant Circle

We all know and love the awesome power of the drum circle; but often they become so exuberant, we lose the ability - the joy - of simply lifting our voices together. This circle is designed to reconnect us on the simplest level of all: breath, rhythm, and song. Got a favorite you'd like to see shared? Find me at the pink booth and we'll put it on the list. Please note that while a drum or two is welcome as background, the emphasis here is on the voice; therefore, we reserve the right to limit drum participation.

Mystic Caravan Meet-Up

Are you an entertainer, a street performer, a busker, or are you interested in becoming one? This networking event is designed to give us a chance to meet each other, form offline connections, and swap tales and tips. Bring business cards if you have them, notepads, iPads, or whatever your preferred networking tool!

Spi/Ritual Performance Art

The concept of shaman as artist dates back at least as far as the caves at Lascaux, and the idea of artist as shaman is not a new one either. We will look at ways that art, specifically performing, can enhance ritual, and the ways magick and ritual influence and inform performance.

















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