Leesa Kern

Leesa Kern is Senior Druid of Three Cranes Grove, ADF. She's been a Pagan since 1993 and an ADF member since 2007, and most of that time she has been a member of the Warrior's Guild, and its Preceptor since 2010. She teaches Sociology and Criminology in college, and dispatches police/fire/EMS part time. She recently earned her Black Belt in American Kenpo (Parker/Tracy), and has just started teaching self-defense with the officers at her part time job.

Ethics of Defensive Magic

Join us for a round table discussion on the ethical dilemmas and solutions surrounding protection spells, binding spells, and yes, even curses or hexes. This session is designed to get people to think about such issues as where they draw their own lines, what their boundaries are before a situation arises, and how their emotions may cloud their judgments.

Practical Poppetry

This class will be a review of poppet magic over time and cross-culturally. We will talk about examples using dolls, wood, wax, and other items, and then create our own ($5 materials fee please).

















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