Ruthann Amarteifio

Ruthann Amarteifio is a co-founder of the Akasha Temple in Chicago, and as its HPS she has interacted with and learned from many Pagan community members. She has been a practicing Pagan since 1988. This path has taken her on many journeys, within and without. As a political activist, radical, vegan, environmentalist and anarchist she has interacted with, learned from, and been inspired by a worldwide community of caring individuals. She has traveled and held workshops and rituals across the country. She is the on-line radio host of four shows including Akasha Temple Radio, and produces a total of eight shows a week, mostly on Air Amarteifio. These offer a different view from mainstream media. (, w/ Casey J. Carraher)

Balance: What Is It and How Important Is It?

"You need more balance in your life." "That person is so unbalanced." "I've got to get more balanced." We've all heard these words, and probably spoken them, also. What do they mean? 8 hours work, 8 hours sleep, 8 hours play? Is balance the same for us all? How do we know if we, or another, is "out of balance / unbalanced"? Is balance something to ignore or to strive for? A "balanced" (by her own standards, if not others) person addresses these questions in an interactive workshop. What does balance mean to you? Are you happy with your own balance?

How to Use Alternative Media

Presented with Casey J. Carraher.

Most of us, by now, are aware that we do not get the true picture of what's happening in our world, by way of mainstream (sometimes called lameestream) media. In this workshop we will discuss how we, as individuals, are using alternative media to reach out, w/ ideas that may be new to some. We'll show how we are expanding our worlds, whether using print, audio or videos. E-zines to Twitter, social media (FB) to radio----we'll cover these and more. For people new to alternative media, questions will be answered and suggestions given for those who want to give this idea a try.

Veganism: Living a Plant-Based Lifestyle

We hear a lot about different celebrities 'going vegan'. Are they really? In most cases, the answer is no. Yes, they may be following a vegan diet. However, this does not make them a vegan.

Veganism is a lifestyle: so, let's talk about what that means. It entails a change in how we view the world and how we interact with it. From our food choices, to what we do for entertainment; from how we use our consumer power, to what we expect from our politicians... it all comes back to our lifestyle. If you've ever wondered about the what and the why of veganism, here's your chance to find out more. Facilitated by a veggie (now vegan) of almost three decades.

















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