Lisa Citore

Lisa Citore is a performance artist, ritualist and a teacher of Tantra yoga. She has led sacred sexuality workshops in southern California for women, men and couples for ten years. She's the founder of Magdalene Women, a nonprofit whose mission is to inspire, empower and connect women to the Goddess through poetry, theater and ritual. She is the writer, director and producer of two theater productions, The Tao of Sex and Bloodlines/Women's Moon Stories. Her most recent one woman show, Sex, Light Addicts & Riding Dragons, brings humor and the mystical to sexuality. Lisa is also a co-founder of Woman Wide Open, a women's improvisational performance troupe, and a priestess of The Thirteen Moons, a year-long feminine mystery school

Keeping it Wet

Sexual provocateur Lisa Citore shares everything from her adventures as a pleasure activist to her knowledge of Tantra in this outrageous one woman show, inspiring women of all ages to reclaim their desirability, their desires and their right to multiple orgasms, while giving men a deeper understanding of what it means to love the Goddess.

Tantra Puja

Puja is a word for ceremony or celebration where men and women gather together in circle to reawaken the sacred union of Shiva (God) and Shakti (Goddess) in our bodies through nurturing each other. In restoring the harmony within, so all of life is returned to balance. Through this sensual sacred journey of Tantric breath, touch, dance, ritual poetry and silence, we connect with each other on a deeper level than the mundane - moving beyond our fears, our judgments or feelings of attraction to the essential self - where we may experience ecstasy without acting on it, where sexual energy is alchemized into unconditional love.

















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