ArteKamp: Presented by The Gossamer Court and the faery king

Presented by Yust Lundberg.

Come sit, make art, sing us a song, and write us a poem. Bring special knowledge. We had a nice lady come by with four Bonsai trees and began a class of her own, right on the spot. If you can make banjos out of tin cans, please come by and demonstrate the process. Hey, it takes a village and we want a village of happy artistically stimulated creative campers healing through art and laughter. Here is how this works:

There are two or three art entrees selected for people to work on, with an artist explaining the process, listing the supplies required, drying time, selections of paints, brushes, glue, markers etc. The Gossamer Court ArteBank does its best to provide all necessary supplies. We ask that you pick the supplies for one project at a time, using what you take and leaving the rest for other artists to work with. Projects include:

Stone Painting (with weather proof paint, to make stones with Mandala, tribal, totem, runic, hieroglyph, calligraphy designs, for The Faerie Mound)

Making your Own Shaker (Or other musical instrument, with plastic eggs or wood and tin tea canisters, dried beans, peas and a selection of glues, a few glue guns and various paints, rhinestones and sequins to adorn their eggs).

Mini-Etchings (we have a lot of paint and some markers, but we are a little low on mini-canvasses and we are out of mini-easels. Design your own crests or totems. We will have one Dremmel, a wood burner and a few other tools to work with, maybe more depending on donations, which is how the ArteBank operates).

















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