Exploring the Dark Goddess, Embracing your Sacred Whore

Presented by Denise Cumor.

Traditions of the Dark Goddess are many and incredibly diverse, yet they all hold within them core truths representing some of the most frightening aspects of our individual paths: destruction and death; fears we have yet to face; and mysteries that we have yet to uncover. If we could learn to embrace Her, releasing fear of the dark shadows within our own sexuality, we would see that She holds within Her the wisdom and strength which we need to heal ourselves emotionally and to become more empowered and spiritually connected. In this discussion we will explore some of the traditions of the Dark Goddess and answer questions: What are Her connections to our sacred sexuality? How do we engage Her wisdom and respond? What might our lives look like when empowered by the Sacred Whore within all of us? (Men & Womyn, 18+)

















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