Guided Past Life Meditation

Presented by Fiahlna Hearth.

This workshop involves a personally written guided meditation that was crafted by Fiahlna over several years to guide participants to a chance to peek into a past life. The meditation takes participants into a deeper and deeper state of meditation through a sensory experience until ultimately they reach the throne room of Persephone - who may or may not grant access according to their readiness and willingness. There will be a protection circle cast around participants and a careful and mindful transition back to this life and this consciousness. After the guided meditation is complete, a grounding ritual of consecrated cakes and juice will be served and each person can choose if they wish to share their experience. Each person attending will be individually spoken to before leaving to be sure that they are comfortable and ready to leave the workshop. Please consider being hydrated, nourished, and dressing in comfortable attire if you choose to attend.

















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