Middle Eastern Scales and Melodies for all Melodic Instruments

Presented by Athena Windsong.

Okay. So you know those tricky pops and flicks on your doumbek (or not). You can do all 10 basic rhythms of Middle Eastern/Turkish music (or not). But do you know how Middle Eastern/Turkish maqam (scales) differ from our Western Art Music majors and minors? Are you up on your Medieval Modes? Do you wanna improvise like a pro when those drummers start beating a Baladi? Athena Windsong was the flute soloist with Snakes Rising in Cincinnati (2004-2007) and has been tutored by Carmine Guida in Middle Eastern/Turkish performance. She also holds a Masters in Music Education and has been teaching flute to college scholarship recipients for nearly 2 decades. In this workshop, you'll be taught a series of maqam (scales), encouraged to improvise on a couple maqam, and given sheet music for Middle Eastern/Turkish standards. Bring a melodic instrument - guitar, violin, flute, clarinet, etc, a chair and a metal music stand.

















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