Ninja TV

Presented by United SpaceRangers Association .

The first of many multi-texture-media-versed art installations brought to you by the SpaceRangers at G.Max Entertainment. Alone, Ninja TV might be nothing more than a salvaged old theater screen draped over a tree in the woods, plastered with light beams from an x-box projector, throwing IQ-dropping images of mainstream, brainwashing, crowd control crap. But thanks to the innovators at SpaceCoaster Construction & G.Max Theater, we can now all relax and enjoy the comfort and security of knowing that every pixel of Ninja TV has been tested on animals in the woods to ensure a mind expanding, brain enlarging, psychedelic dose of anti-media!

Each year's "Official Ninja" episodes are complimented throughout the week with hand-picked movies and documentaries, computer generated & still art. Ninja's framework naturally upgrades with the seasons, adding more angles and lights to the sculpture. We hope you find our TV as amazing, interactive, and alive as we do!

















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