Panpsychism: the Merger of Physics and Consciousness

Presented by Jed Eye.

This workshop will involve a discussion of the intersection between quantum physics, chaos theory, and consciousness. The intellectual framework is centered around a panpsychist philosophy that solves the "hard problem" of consciousness and rejects anti-spiritual, materialist philosophies. There exists sufficient evidence to support the idea that elements of consciousness (on the quantum level) are inherent in the multiverse. Perhaps consciousness, matter and energy are one, or perhaps both actively participate and interact with each other in a bipolar dualism. In this workshop, participants will read and discuss relevant panpsychist works by Roger Penrose, Stuart Hameroff, Henry P. Stapp, and Alfred North Whitehead, showing how quantum physics and chaos theory support the philosophy of panpsychism and suggest a scientific mechanism for magick, reincarnation and telekinesis.

















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