The Age of the Indigo Enlightenment

Presented by Yust Lundberg.

The Renaissance was a period of enlightenment that followed the dark ages and some equally dark medieval times, centuries especially terrifying for some thinkers, artists and practitioners, many that were deeply spiritual as well as scientific, who resided outside of the organized religions of Abraham. To think and share ideas formed outside the parameters of church dogma, with its beats by very few drummers, based on archaic sacred texts and superstition was punishable by persecution, torture, even death. Is it difficult to fathom the possibility of a very different kind of soul being born en masse, following yet another period of suffering, unhealthy chaos, and spiritual despair?

Is the world ready for a new form of magick, a few drams of medicine that will provide a cosmic level of healing, thus restoring the populous to good, spiritual, emotional and physical health? Are we Indigo one simple part of a complex equation that, once solved, will provide answers to basic questions like: What courses should we set that will lead us to be whole and healthy Beings? And what might the Indigo, healers by nature, do to become better and more successful physicians?

Yust has built a network of Indigo artists, healers, musicians, inventors, and thinkers. This audience-participation workshop is intended to raise awareness, provoke questions and challenge ideas, while exploring the various theories about Indigo, Crystal and Star-Children, those that have made an increasing appearance over several decades of the last century. Yust plans to select Indigo panelists to help him with the Q and A. Please respect those holding the talking stick by waiting your turn. Indigo curious are welcome, too.

















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