The Rainbow Ally

Presented by T Govannon.

LGBTQ rights are on the march! With three states passing marriage equality measure in a single month, more protections and equal rights being acknowledged every year, and an upcoming generation (the future of the country) that is more relaxed and tolerant of gender/sexual diversity than ever, it's an exciting time for those who have been fighting for so long. LGBTQ people were born this way, and more and more people are singing along. What do you do, however, if you were born straight, yet feel passionately about LGBTQ rights? How can you help? How can you be supportive? Where are the lines between being an ally and being overbearing? In this workshop Taliesin will talk about his own history in the LGBTQ movement, and what he's gleaned as a person who's straight but not narrow. This will be an interactive workshop, however, and we want to hear from both LGBTQ and straight people their thoughts and feelings on how to be the best ally you can be.

















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