Wikipedia and the Magical Community

Presented by Jeff Rosenbaum.

Timothy Leary said that we would soon be engineering our own reality by directly manipulating the media by which we define it. Wikipedia is an excellent example of this. It is the primary reference source we use, yet it is written not by experts, but by ANYONE WHO WANTS TO! That means the data by which you define the "truth" is supplied - and often distorted - by people who may have their own agendas, and often is. The only defense is the actions of other editors, if they care enough to take the time and follow Wikipedia guidelines. (There was a recent war on Neo-Pagans, consciousness explorers, and others in our community waged not by, but on, Wikipedia. Jeff's involvement, recently documented in both The Wild Hunt and, is just the tip of the iceberg.)

How can we become editors and ensure that fair and accurate articles are written and maintained about notable subjects important to us in this crucial resource? How can we eliminate, for instance, the connection between Witchcraft and Satan worship in the definitions the public uses, and prevent skeptics, fundamentalists, and others from deleting valid material and/or inserting out-and-out lies into these articles? Come discuss the recent history of the battles to accomplish these goals, and learn how easy it is to become part of the solution from a long-time Wikipedia editor.

















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